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Mental Health


My approach to mental health legal issues is holistic.

I work with the full range of psychiatric care providers, from consultation to committeeship (defining mental incompetency), representing the best interests of my clients before all levels of the court. Mental health challenges should not be a barrier to fair legal representation. Legal aid certificates accepted.

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I am sending you this brief letter to express my appreciation for the many years of dedicated service and our subsequent friendship that developed during our time together at the Polo Club II – and beyond. As the former Property Manager for almost 14 years, your service as the President of the Condominium Corporation Board of Directors along with several other Board positions over an incredible 12 year “life” was invaluable. To this day, I still use the knowledge you provided when dealing with contractors, owners, and staff. You were extremely detail-oriented and above all, had profound patience in difficult Board matters whether it was work-related or the different personalities of other Board members, including legal advice, though limited as you always recognized the potential for conflict of interest. In addition, you were always available for meetings and discussions that required a more level-headed and straight forward thought process. It was a pleasure working with you and I was very sorry when you resigned and ultimately moved out of the building, as you conducted yourself in a professional manner at all times.

Sandi Berg

Former Property Manage, M.T.C.C. 794