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51% of Canadians had no last Will and testament.

35% of Canadians had one that was not up to date.

(Source Angus Reid Institute Survey – January 2018)

In over 35 years of practice, I think I have heard every excuse under the sun as to why it was not a good time to either prepare a Will or update the existing document.

These include:

  • “It’s a lot of bother – I am sure my kids will work it out once I pass.”
  • “A Will? Why? My mother is still doing fine and she walked around the neighbourhood this morning – and she’s 95.  Surely, I don’t need to worry about this today.”
  • “LOL – I have absolutely nothing of value. My husband can just throw it all in the garbage can and start dating again when I am gone!!!”
  • “A friend of mine got her Will done – and it caused nothing but aggravation and fighting in her family. No thank you!!!!”
  • “I just don’t have the time. Work, kids, hockey – I don’t want to sit in a lawyer’s office for several hours, while he just keeps asking me more and more personal questions”.
  • “ It is so expensive.”

I get it.

It is difficult to face the future and think about tough decisions – for ourselves, our partners, our parents and our extended family.

Preparing a Will – and two additional supplementary documents – Power of Attorney for Personal Care, and Power of Attorney for Property – involve both a commitment of time and some honest, open discussion.

Life is unpredictable.

Accidents, illness, job loss, family breakups – a lot can happen, and sometimes, we can truly be caught off guard.

During the COVID pandemic, we have all witnessed how illness can devastate a family.  And sadly, how many families can find themselves at a crossroads if life saving decisions for an individual must be made on their behalf – by other family members.

Can you imagine asking your wife “If you contract COVID, and must be put on a respirator, and may still die nevertheless, or never be taken off the device, what would you want?”

(If this is too much to think of right now – STOP READING – and come back at another time)

I wanted to let you know that our firm, with over 35 years of experience in developing Wills and Powers of Attorney for clients, has a seamless, contactless system in place.

Step 1 – Ask for a copy of our brochure, which outlines our service and rates.

Step 2 – If you are ready to move forward, we will send you a questionnaire which asks a variety of questions that you need to answer – and discuss with your loved ones.

During this step, please feel free to reach out to me personally – if you have any questions or need clarification on any of the questions.

Step 3 – I prepare a DRAFT copy of your Will for review.  With your feedback, a final copy of the Will is prepared.

Step 4 – You sign your Will, which must be witnessed by 2 individuals.

During COVID, this step can be done virtually in accordance with Provincial regulations and The Law Society of Ontario.

Step 5 – Peace of Mind.  Your Will and Powers of Attorney are complete.  I would suggest making at least one copy of the document to a trusted family member or friend.  And then, let’s all continue to enjoy life, safe and sound.

Darrel Hotz, Signature