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Planning is Essential

Getting You Where You Want To Go

Clients usually have some idea where they want to end up when they bring a legal matter to their lawyer.

If you need legal advice, are you focussing on the goal, or the route you want to take?

Most clients understand the goal.  However, they are typically less certain “how to get there.”

It is our belief that it can be detrimental to the process if the client tries to tell us what route they want to take.  Our preference is that you begin to communicate to us where you want to go since there can be multiple ways to get to the same point.

Let’s use the example of planning a family vacation:

Decision – You are your family will go to Disney World in Florida.

Decisions along the way:

  • Transportation – will you drive, will you fly, will you take a bus?
  • Goals – how many days do you want to spend at the park, and what attractions do you want to see while you are there?
  • Budget – have all costs been included in this budget? Transportation, accommodation, food, souvenirs, tickets, insurance, etc.

However, what if you have an outstanding arrest warrant in the State of Georgia?  If you failed to consider your outstanding this element, your vacation could be derailed with a simple speeding ticket.

Additional options that need to be taken into consideration as you plan this trip to Disney World:

  • You may determine that you do not wish to take that risk and fly.
  • Or you could have your spouse drive thru Georgia or maybe you would consider taking a bus.

But these considerations are probably something you could have thought through on your own.   Your end goal is still to have a wonderful family holiday, but you will need to understand the additional considerations, due to that outstanding arrest warrant.

If you are dealing with complex legal issues, there might be even more available options for you to consider.  Ultimately, it is your lawyer’s job to get you to Florida safely with the least risk possible.

So while it is important to have a good sense of where you want to end up and how you want to get there, make sure to keep an open mind and discuss alternative options with your lawyer.

Sometimes they have seen a route that you will not have considered and will be even better than you thought possible.